Your turn mothers

Your turn, Mothers!

The aim of this project is to develop a new model of integration education for immigrant mothers, enabling quicker passage through integration courses. The model also enhances Finnish language learning preparing immigrant mothers to better socialize and communicate. It will encourage immigrant stay-at-home mothers to learn Finnish. Improved language skills enable quicker entry into vocational studies or working life and better preparedness to support their small children in language learning and integration into Finnish daycare/school systems.

The project is in two phases over a two-year period. Phase 1, mothers take their young children with them and study Finnish language and basic mathematics at Vantaa schools. After this, they will take a skills assessment test and be directed to study e.g. Social and Health care, Catering, or the Cleaning Services. The assessment results also provide possibilities to study other fields of education at Careeria or other similar educational institutions.

Phase 2 is vocational workplace studies linking theory with practical on-the-job learning. This method supports the further employment and language skills of the students. Studies are qualification oriented: graduation, or individual module certificates.

The project also improves the tutoring and intercultural skills of staff involved in the workplace oriented learning method. Well-trained staff empower the immigrant mothers towards good learning results and successful employment.



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